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about Comifo Group specializes in air duct machine manufacturing, contracting and selling HVAC air conditioning equipments, HVAC machinery, valve and actuators,air duct machine,air duct manufacturing.
Comifo Duct Manufacture Machine Co., Ltd is one of Comifo group member, the leading company which specializes in machine manufacture, involving in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) fabrication, cable tray fabrication, coil processing, roll forming, etc.

With its advanced technology, Comifo grows to be a company of designing, manufacturing and selling air duct machine,air duct manufacturing machines to customers all over the world, from whom we obtain reputation and precious improvement advice to meet the world’s verifying technology. This is so called INNOVATION, the spirit of the ever-lasting development of a company, impresses the world of machinery.
Comifo’s Research & Development Department generals technical and innovative machine designers who take training regularly. By doing this, top machine technology can be seen from a piece of Comifo’s work, such as the patented Hydraulic Fold-seamer (Seamatic), as well as Comifo patented Automotion Pittsburgh Lock Former.
Our products have been exported more than 120 countries such as Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia and so on.

Comifo gained ISO9001:2008 certificate, CE certificate as well as SGS certificate etc.
Comifo offers an unrivaled level of after-sales care and attention. Besides 24-month guarantee, operator training is encouraged and accessible. Comifo does everything to make you be assured of our most honored service.
For your convenience, we’ve listed as much detail as possible about each piece of equipment. We believe your feedback is always important to us. From such precious feedback, we know how we have been doing and how we could improve in the future. Please write us your comments, suggestions or questions and we will reply to you soon.
If you would like additional information or if you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]



Product: HVAC Duct Forming Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Fire Damper Forming Machine, Cable Tray Forming Machine, Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine etc.


Product: Duct, Fire Damper, Volume Control Damper, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Air Outlet, Muffler, Plenum Chamber, Smoke Exhaust Outlet, VAV Box, Underfloor Air Outlet etc.


Product: Actuator, Thermostat, Liner Regulative Valve, Fire Damper, Volume Control Damper etc.


Product: Fan, Muffler, Plenum Chamber, Duct Forming Machine, Fire Damper Forming Machine etc.