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flanging machine manufacturers

Comifo is a top flanging machine manufacturers in China,who is specializes in manufacturing, contracting and selling flanging machine,HVAC air conditioning equipments, HVAC machinery, valve and actuators.

  • TDF Flange Forming Machine

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    TDF flange forming machine is a main equipment for TDF flange forming, especially for large-scale, standardized and automatic production.It is a very essential part in the process of making square and rectangular ducts.
    Flange forming machine is widely used for connecting air duct,it have simple and strong structure,anybody can operate it easily.

  • GDF Flange Forming Machine

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    Comifo flanging machine manufacturers GDF Flange Machine also called GDF flange machine,flanging machine,flange forming machine
    1.GDF Flange Forming Machine 
    2.One side forms GDF, the other forms clip 
    3.21 stations of roll forming

  • TTF/LT Mate Flange Forming Machine

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    There are mainly two kinds of flange systems in flanging machine manufacturers. American standard and European standard, which is TDF flange recommended by SMACNA association and TTF/LT mate flange as well as improved GDF flange recommended by British Refrigeration Association.