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HVAC Duct Manufacturing Machines

Comifo Group specializes in hvac duct manufacturing machines, we are not only provides high quality hvac duct manufacturing machines in various types but also offers many products knowledge about hvac duct manufacturing machines to our customers.

  • Duct Compact Line II

    Duct Compact Line IIMore >

    HVAC duct manufacturing machines Duct Compact Line II is excellent and low cost equipments to manufacture TDF and TDC flange.
    The Duct Compact Line II whole welded structure, strong and durable, easy to operation and maintenance. The design of the equipment is easy to move, so it is suitable to work in or out of house.

  • Duct Manufacture Auto Line III(B)

    Duct Manufacture Auto Line III(B)More >

    HVAC duct manufacturing machines Auto-line III consists of a metal feeding frame, leveling and grooving equipment, hydraulic punching square notch equipment, hydraulic cutter and folder. The electrical control system uses a computer with a closed-loop and servo-system to increase the precision and reliability of the manufacture line.

  • Duct Auto Line Ⅵ

    Duct Auto Line ⅥMore >

    HVAC duct manufacturing machines - Duct Auto Line Ⅵ,can drive blanking for duct.Its very suitable for multi-production like TDF/angle steel / inserted flange forming;the angle steel flange and inserted flange can be bent into square-shaped pipe automatically.