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How do you do basic maintenance of square duct machine?

The normal square duct auto line cannot be separated from the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the square duct machine in order to ensure that machines run normally the daily production of the windpipe does not cause a failure. For the maintenance of the square duct machine, we must proceed from all aspects.

duct compact line

Flexible tube square duct forming machine

The material requirements for the flexible tube of the air duct cleaning system are relatively high. What's more, it must have features such as dust resistance, good airtightness, and a smooth inner wall. Its connection to the ductwork must be tight. The appearance requirements of the tuyere are also more stringent, the quality should be qualified, and the frame and the blade should be smooth and smooth.

Air valve of the air duct machine

In the production of an air valve, there must be the switch mark. Multi-leaf valve blade joints need to overlap, and the wheelbase deviation should be within 1mm. For flexible tubes, the tightness should be appropriate. In addition, the length should be within the scope of the construction specification and meet the design requirements. Cracking and distortion are not allowed.

Wind cap of air duct manufacturing

For the production requirements of the wind cap, the specific performance for the integrity of the shape rules, the center of gravity to maintain balance, size deviation within 2mm per meter. The rotating parts of fire dampers need to have strong anti-corrosion performance, and they must be closed tightly and airtight.

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